I am LEGION for I am many… Many times have I been lied to, humiliated and defrauded. Alone I am defenseless against the single minded oppression of falsehood. As LEGION I am free!

This web site contains our opinions about Mr. Nemelka, the very public personality who by his own desire and actions seeks public attention. It is about his claim to special status, his religious teachings, motives and methods. It is about the truth, something Mr. Nemelka claims to love. This discussion is not about LEGION. For more information please visit our PURPOSE page.

LEGION has not talked and walked with supernatural beings nor brought forth a great work for the benefit of all who would believe. LEGION has not preached, taught or presented itself as a special messenger to the world. LEGION claims no commission from super natural refined beings. LEGION does not claim that its molecules or DNA has been changed in order to commune with greater beings. LEGION does not seek public attention for any one person, for LEGION is many! If you, dear reader, are LEGION too, you and your story are welcome here.

A Riddle

White is black and black is white, God is God yet God is not, Praise to the man, a prophet you see, then look again a prophet is not he. Who is this man with gnosis so deep that through darkened rocks he needs to peep?  Compassion for all, “true religion” is taught then after all this we are treated as naught.

4 Comments on About LEGION

  1. Reveal yourself … who you are … and how I shall contact you directly … and we shall see who is telling the truth, and who will be accountable for defaming him.

    Rodney J. Vessels, Esq.
    431 South 7th St., Suite 2622
    Minneapolis, MN 55415

  2. One day the full story of how Rod Vessels was used by Chris Nemelka will be told here on the Nemelka Scrutiny site.

  3. Rod was an attorney and follower of Chris Nemelka who after a stroke was battled over by Chris and Rod’s family. Rod eventually left the MWAW work, in our opinion a broken man with greater emotional damage than he suffered in his stroke alone.

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