Chris Nemelka Charged with Felony Again

For criminal non-support. It is our understanding that Nemelka is scheduled for a preliminary hearing where he will try to convince the judge that he was a victim of the court system which disabled him from working, and he really does not owe that much.*

*NOTE: We previously stated that Nemelka entered a guilty plea in abeyance, but it has been brought to our attention that we made a mistake. As per our stated policy to correct misinformation as it gets pointed out, we have edited the statement to reflect Nemelka’s version of the negotiations regarding the current status of the criminal non-support case. However, for the most precise information on the status of his criminal charge and upcoming hearing, contact:

Office of the Attorney General
Utah State Capitol Complex
350 North State Street Suite 230
SLC UT 84114-2320
FAX: (801) 538-1121



Michelle Mickelson
Utah Attorney General’s Office
Children’s Justice Division
Criminal Non-support Paralegal
Phone: (801) 366-0541
Fax: (801) 366-0242

But he will fail.

Not only will he fail to convince the judge, he will also have to explain to his remaining followers whose lives have been sucked dry – why he has been lying to them about this topic for so many years.

Unfortunately for Nemelka, his whole life is falling apart. His saintly wife finally woke up and realized how sick his lying ass was, and decided to divorce him. Tell Sherri if she ever needs support, we have good connections for her.

Remember a while back after his symposium when Nemelka’s followers were celebrating that the 3 Nephites finally granted Nemelka permission to live the gospel like everyone else? Love thy neighbor as thyself, and all that? That was another lie.

On Feb. 2, 2012 on a public blog after writing mean-spirited words about some of his follower’s children who were trying to save their loved ones from him he then wrote this about his OWN children:

But again, it’s not my problem you people have rotten kids. They’re not my children. I don’t have any children, I tried once, but they too showed the worst colors of humanity. Thank god I don’t have to deal with them!

OPINION: The true Christopher Nemelka is a despicable, lying snake. He’s never properly supported his children, financially or emotionally, and he’s ALWAYS someone’s victim.

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