Mug Shot

Maybe this will help people understand who the real Christopher Nemelka is. This is from a clip in the City Weekly article ‘True Believer’ in 2002.

Here is an individual photo of Christopher Nemelka. Feel free to download or share with others to remind those investigating him that Christopher Nemelka has been repeating this pattern of activity for almost two decades.

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  1. After reading Nemelka’s fantasy scripture, I’m amazed…utterly…that anyone would buy into it or think it lived up to the Book of Mormon in either style, doctrine or history. For a record to be legit, it has to be able to maintain its credibility in those three areas. And over the years the Book of Mormon has done that brilliantly. It’s also profound and it is consistent with what was known at the time of its coming forth and what was not known but subsequently discovered, and in this the Book of Mormon excels. Nemelka’s work fails miserably, but many LDS members who are ignorant of history, doctrine, anthropology and archeology.

    For example, it took me less than three minutes to find a fatal flaw on the first page of the first book (the book of Lehi). In it, Nemelka writes about Lehi being a “high priest after the order of Aaron.” Lehi was a high priest, but was a high priest after the order of the Son of God, also known as the Melchizedek priesthood. Lehi, not being a descendant of Aaron, was not qualified to be a priest after the order of Aaron. He was of the house of Joseph, through Manassas. (In writing, the author was expected to back up his qualification, through geology, whenever he made such a claim. But it’s missing.) Later, he speaks of a council of high priests in Jerusalem. That would be impressive if we later discovered that was the case. But it’s not. And finally, Nemelka claims that Laben, a kinsman of Lehi’s, also was in this council of high priests! Alas, there was no such council, and being the keeper of records for the tribe of Joseph, Laben could no more bear the priesthood than Lehi. This sort of blunder is non-negotiable and non-explainable. If I’m wrong, have Mr. Nemelka find a scholar — a professor of ancient scripture — who will testify that I’m wrong and he’s right.

    Mr. Nemelka is no translator. He preys on the weak and the ignorant. And no, he can not write scripture. If you’re paying money to this clown, stop! You’re being ripped off.

    • J. R.,
      For what it’s worth, I think Nemelka did a pretty good job with what he had to work with at the time he began his scam.(1992) While I was translating his Sealed Portion masterpiece into Spanish, I discovered a number of discrepancies that amazingly The True Prophet was able to repair (with his Urim and Thummim mind you) or if not repair exactly, he was somehow wiggle out of. Truth is, at the time, (because I had no better explanations) I was sure that the Prince of Cheese was a legitimate harbinger of truth to a darkened world, and his explanations and excuses were humanly acceptable, (at least in my own mind). There is no way (I think Nemelka will agree) that any man could write a factual account of something that never happened without making at least a few historical or logical mistakes. The Book of Mormon is EXACTLY like Christopher’s Sealed Portion in this regard, and no matter how much anyone wishes either book to be perfectly inspired or perfectly true, neither Book will ever be what they claim to be. While men and women have spent their entire lives trying to prove these writings are literal finds preserved for a Latter-day, the obvious truth is that they are fiction, created by men of dubious character who thought their misguided genius would somehow make for a better world, while netting theselves some serious cash, historical prominence, and a plethora of lady friends in the process. Both Nemelka and Smith used people’s need for answers of the unknown to their advantage and both men took advantage of naive, trusting people to the maximum extent of their individual abilities. Where Joseph lived in a tumultous time where Religious freedom was relatively new, he was able to infect more people than Nemelka could. However, had Nemelka been more widely received, you can rest assured that he would never have hesitated to work his magic to the fullest extent possible. He of course, forgives himself for being a Liar, because he thinks a lie (if it gets you what you want) is just as profitable as the truth, especially in those cases where the truth does not get you what you want. Nemelka’s downfall will forever be that honesty has no value, and that a lie (if told properly) has the same value as a truth. He knows that Joseph Smith made the whole thing up, and he sees that inspite of his deceitful enterprise, that Joseph Smith now has his own Wikipedia page. Everything about Joseph Smith (for good or evil) goes towards making his name a household name in much of the world. Nemelka wishes this could be his legacy for his own clever twists and presumptuous writings and teachings, but sadly, this very site has effectively ruined that possibility. Christopher’s MWAW, like The LDS Church, is not the bastion of light and truth that it claims to be, but that is not to say that the LDS Church hasn’t ever done anyone any good. Some believe that the works of the LDS Church are exactly in line with the Works of a Loving Heavenly Father, but this idea is no different than the beliefs of every Church, which could all be credited with having done at least some type of good. So where is the Cheese?
      If one wishes to prove that Nemelka is a fraud, one does never need to lift a single tome of scripture or waste a single minute praying about it. The articles and essays at this site demonstrate perfectly how the mind of a sociopathic liar and a deviate con man work. Simply put, Nemelka’s actions and personal writings, some of which are featured herein, (on a large number of subjects) provide society with ample examples of the extent of Christopher Nemelka’s human depravity and untreated mental illness. In fact, I would venture to say that Nemelka has provided the world with a more comprehensive collection of samples of Narcissistic Personality Disorder than any person who has ever suffered from the symptoms. ALL OF HIS WRITINGS and all of his sermons have but one purpose, and that is to draw attention to HIMSELF. What does it matter that he denies this? Does it matter how he wields his sickle or how many ways he tries to spell it out? Whether he is castigating his followers or his critics, the bottom line is always one that he will never be able to understand, and that is he has made himself perfectly diagnosable with a perfect diagnosis. Nemelka has unwittingly convicted himself with every entry in his daily Journal (before he took it down). No matter, I am certain that he still has every word he ever wrote stored on computer discs and thumb drives because the poor man’s pained ego insists that his thoughts alone will never be anything but pure light in a darkened world, while the thoughts of all others is flawed. I have asked for all of his writings to be made public, so as to intensify the exposure of the dumbass for his own good, (and the good of his foolish friends), but he refuses to present them anywhere. What does that tell you?

      That he is playing with a losing hand.

      In closing, you were correct that Nemelka is no translator, and yes, he preys on the weak and ignorant for his own personal gain. The same could be said for Joseph Smith, and Billions of people on this planet would say, “Amen” to that. If you want to keep from striking out, try to keep your eye on the ball. Thanks.

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