Mug Shot

Maybe this will help people understand who the real Christopher Nemelka is. This is from a clip in the City Weekly article ‘True Believer’ in 2002.

Here is an individual photo of Christopher Nemelka. Feel free to download or share with others to remind those investigating him that Christopher Nemelka has been repeating this pattern of activity for almost two decades.

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  1. John Roberts // 2016/01/16 at 23:42 // Reply

    After reading Nemelka’s fantasy scripture, I’m amazed…utterly…that anyone would buy into it or think it lived up to the Book of Mormon in either style, doctrine or history. For a record to be legit, it has to be able to maintain its credibility in those three areas. And over the years the Book of Mormon has done that brilliantly. It’s also profound and it is consistent with what was known at the time of its coming forth and what was not known but subsequently discovered, and in this the Book of Mormon excels. Nemelka’s work fails miserably, but many LDS members who are ignorant of history, doctrine, anthropology and archeology.

    For example, it took me less than three minutes to find a fatal flaw on the first page of the first book (the book of Lehi). In it, Nemelka writes about Lehi being a “high priest after the order of Aaron.” Lehi was a high priest, but was a high priest after the order of the Son of God, also known as the Melchizedek priesthood. Lehi, not being a descendant of Aaron, was not qualified to be a priest after the order of Aaron. He was of the house of Joseph, through Manassas. (In writing, the author was expected to back up his qualification, through geology, whenever he made such a claim. But it’s missing.) Later, he speaks of a council of high priests in Jerusalem. That would be impressive if we later discovered that was the case. But it’s not. And finally, Nemelka claims that Laben, a kinsman of Lehi’s, also was in this council of high priests! Alas, there was no such council, and being the keeper of records for the tribe of Joseph, Laben could no more bear the priesthood than Lehi. This sort of blunder is non-negotiable and non-explainable. If I’m wrong, have Mr. Nemelka find a scholar — a professor of ancient scripture — who will testify that I’m wrong and he’s right.

    Mr. Nemelka is no translator. He preys on the weak and the ignorant. And no, he can not write scripture. If you’re paying money to this clown, stop! You’re being ripped off.

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