Christopher Nemelka has utilized many names, identities, false IDs, pseudonyms, Internet monikers, and posed as people, characters and religions he is not. In fact, he is many all at once.  Christopher Nemelka, Hyrum Smith reincarnated, Adam Beneli, Adam Ben Eli, Adam Benelli, Simon Sandler, Joshua Farnsworth*, Christopher Stohl, Nobody’s Business*, Joe Once A Mormon*, Anonymous, Kyle Williams, Jeff Thomas, Suzanne Seeker,* Matt Primera,* Timothy, Mathoni, Mathoniah, John the Baptist reincarnated, a “messenger of God,” a revelator, a translator, Rod Vessels,* Christopher Holfeltz, an atheist, a prophet, not a prophet, an atheist and a prophet at the same time, a Mormon, an Amish guy, a new religion guru, an anti-religion advocate, a man more important than Mohammed, a teenage girl, a man who will tell you something is true, and then tell you it was a lie, and then tell you he lied about lying.

It was only a test.

Here’s a clip from his own web site’s press release. Enjoy.

*Suspected or alleged

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  1. Chis (Adam Benelli) wrote “I Was a Fanatic”. Anyone have a copy I want to read it. Chris won’t give me my Urim and Thummim back since we don’t hang around together anymore. I hear Chris is on the road no telling where he’ll show up next.

    Still love ya dude even if you are sort of messed up. 🙂

  2. One more thing Chris, obtaining a false state ID is a felony! You are incorrigible. What other crimes are you hiding?

    Love ya dude 🙂

  3. This list of ailiases might grow if you put his picture on the wall at any LDS Dance where single adults come to meet other singles.
    Since you must know, Christopher was also once the man Zenos or Zenock, (you pick). He went on to become Jacob,(Nephi’s little brother), Abinadai, Samuel the Lamanite, In former times he was Jonah (the Whale Belly survivior), and at other times lived the life of George Fox (Quaker founder) Voltaire, and Ankenton (the Pharoah who wanted reform) Christopher has never been a woman and he was never a “nobody”. He used a stage name (I could look it up)when he authored the latest edition of “The Diary of a Player”

    Christopher also likes to give other people “alias” names. For years I was “Isaiah”, but now I’m William McClellan. John Roh was “Willard Richards” Kimberly Wallace was “Sophronia”. His present wife Sheri was once Mary, (the mother of Jesus). Joseph’s little brother “Sam” is with him, as is “Mark” (one of Chris’s dead uncles) Porter Rockwell now lives in Tooele, and “Nephi” is still in the room. Kurt Smith has been led to believe that he was Nephi, Job (the Old Testament man of great patience),
    and Ubaid of Sealed Portion fame.

    If you choose to follow Christopher, you too can become someone really important. If you choose not to follow Christopher, you will end up with all the rest of the world’s bottomfeeders. The choice is yours.

    Choose wisely.

    • I found one of Christopher’s early domains in the wayback machine. This is for anyone who may be interested in seeing how some of us came to the understanding of Christopher that we presently have. Here is the link:

      Scroll down to the middle of the page until you come to the place where it says “87 comments” and click on it to open up the discussion. It says there were a grand total of 96 posts spanning about three months, so business back in those days was kinda slow. What I found interesting was in Christopher’s reply to the very first poster’s comment, (dated Dec.18th, 2004) we find a statement from Christopher about using an alias that is very revealing. The author of that first post had signed his name “Ace”, and I guess Christopher must have used his Urim and Thummim to discover that “Ace” was not the poster’s real name, and so he had this to say:

      CMN: I appreciate your comments done in love.

      CMN: You would, however, be more credible if you would reveal yourself to those interested. Working in secret denotes darkness and the work of people who do not want to be discovered by the world.

      CMN: This work is true and is the work of the Father. It screams righteousness and inspires one to read the words of Christ and obey his commandments, which commandments were given to him to be given to us by our Father.

      CMN: Please study it with an open mind as many are doing and you will find the peace and happiness that lack in your life.

      I AM YOUR brother.

      Christopher said @ 12/18/2004 10:15 AM PST

      As always, everyone who is not on the same page as Christopher “lacks peace”.

      This one segment bears repeating: “You would, however, be more credible if you would reveal yourself to those interested. Working in secret denotes darkness and the work of people who do not want to be discovered by the world.”

      This is pretty strange counsel coming from someone with the history of hiding behind ficticious names and fake identities that Christopher Nemelka has. By the looks of this revelation, when somebody besides CMN chooses to post anonymously, that person is working in secret and is engaged in works of darkness, but when CMN chooses to post anonymously, (or write a book and publish it as someone Anonymous), then suddenly it is not a work of darkness at all, but is a work that is totally in the light of day and a humble work of pure piousness.

      Weird huh?

      No matter, there is a ton of lessons to be learned while sitting at the feet of our Brother and Servant, (the Master of Doublespeak) in this early blog. Herein Christopher begins fulfilling yet another part of his calling through this incarnation wherein he can finally reveal the mysteries of God that have been hidden from the eyes of wicked men since the beginning. Watch and learn how a true prophet can morph revelations into deeper ones that inspire awe in the minds of the meek, and agony in the souls of the “learned”.

      Humble yourselves and prepare to entrust your broken heart and contrite spirit to Christopher. He knows exactly what to do with it.

      There are bonus points for any reader who can spot the parrallel between Christopher and the works of John the Baptist, Jacob, or Abinidai.

      Meanwhile, I will be sending some insights with explanations to the owners of this site that help identify the behavior patterns that CMN does not think anyone has noticed. He wishes that I would just go my own way and get on with my life, and leave him alone, but he won’t get his wish this time. I have his number and I’m going to keep dialing it until he taps out.



      O btw… speaking of those “secret works of darkness by those who do not wish to be discovered by the world”… Christopher’s pen name for his unpublished book entitiled “Diary of a Player” is “Matias Bray”. Since I have no idea what inspired such a goofy name, I decided to look up their meaning on the internet. “Matias” is Spanish for Matthew (I knew that) which means “Gift of God”. (nothing egotistical about that one) The only thing I could find on “Bray” is what a jackass or donkey does when it lacks attention.

  4. Harry,

    It seemeth to me a Jackass brayeth continuously into the darkness!

    I am aware of that a copy of a ” Diary of a Player”, no doubt an earlier version to your copy, was delivered to the owners of this site. Interestingly enough, this version lists the authors name as, hold on you won’t believe this; Marc Christopher! Would you believe at least three of the names of women seduced by “The Player” in this edition have the same names of at least three of Chris’ wives? No, how could this possibly be? Could I have misread. NOT!

    I am told the proprietors of this site would be happy to receive a copy of the Matias Bray version. It is always interesting to see the development of CMN’s thought process (or devolution thereof) in his successive writings on the same subject.

    There are some who contend this book is actually an autobiographical writing of the author’s experiences and sexual predilections.Could it be that using in using Matias Bray as the author of the later editions suggests March Christopher went from working in “the light” into working in “darkness” when he took the name “Bray” as the author?

    It is my opinion the LEGEND edition was given by Christopher Marc Nemelka to his 16 year old daughter as an instruction manual to teach her about men and how they operate. One problem for the author’s hypothesis is that most men are not like this. The author may be but certainly most men are not.

    As you have no doubt read “Diary of a Player”, I am interested if in your opinion, as it is the opinion of many other people, this book could be described as a “work of darkness”. The graphical presentation of sexual conduct described by The Player” seems beyond the pale of good taste and obscene to some. Especially to a 16 year old girl who finds that one of “The Players” seduced women has the same name as her mother and she knows two other women whose name sakes are also seduced in the book! What reasonable, socially aware, loving father would give his 16 years old daughter a book like this?

    Just asking. Maybe a jackass braying into the darkness can tell us the truth of it all. But I doubt that will ever happen.

    • Lux,

      “The Diary of a Player” (the final testament of Chris-t’offer), was sent to three females in Christopher’s group, allegedly for “editing” purposes. My wife was selected as one of the three. These women were supposed to share it with their husbands, so I had a chance to see what it said. I never made it passed the first page. I saw where it was going and I decided that I would have no part of it, not because of the sex, but because I didn’t have time for such trivial things as a book of fiction. I was working long hours and every free minute I had was directed towards learning what happened on this planet since the Garden of Eden. In looking back, I now see that basically Christopher wanted these women, (all innocent former LDS mothers of at least five children) to become his advertising campaign without asking their permission. My wife read it and was sickened by it and told Christopher in an e-mail that it was not what she had expected, and she didn’t want to be involved in any part of it’s distribution. He immediately “over-ruled” her decision telling her to have Me read it, and she ROARED at him in a bold reply accusing him of stealing her free agency and reminding him that “NO” means “NO”! Christopher sent her an apologetic e-mail and released her from the assignment, with a little bit of criticism for being such a prude. He assured everyone in the group that the Three Nephites and the John the Beloved were behind him on this, saying it needed to be published in order to make the WUF a ton of money. He said it would sell because of the sex scenes. It was edited by the other two females and made ready for publishing, but neither of them ever got the word to hit the “send” button. I have a copy of it somewhere in my files that I will only make available by subpoena to the person who is the type of authority who is in a position to put Christopher behind bars for making the world a little less pleasant. If that is you, then send me my subpoena and I will send you what I have and we’ll call it “exhibit A” on the evidence table and maybe in this way we won’t come into a clash with its author for revealing an unpublished pornographic book that may be copywrited or under protection by some other rule or law.

      I know that at least one of the women and her husband thought the book was a keeper, but the woman wouldn’t show it to her teenage daughters, so what does that say? They are older than 18 now, so maybe she has allowed them to become “informed” as to how “all men really are”. When I saw what Christopher was up to, I called him on it… meaning, I accused him of “playing” these three women and asked him why he didn’t use his advanced understanding of all things to write a book called the “Diary of an Arson? or even the “Diary of a Pedophile”? He replied that none of the scenes in the book were true, but were all fiction and that he would never do any of the things that are in the book. This did not ring true to me and I prophecied to him, my wife, and the other females at a later time, that the book would never go to print, as it could in know way benefit the poor people of the world and Christopher promptly promised me that it was a done deal, and I would see for myself that he was right in doing what he proposed.

      So far, I’m the one who is looking like a prophet, and he is the only one who is looking like a “player”.

      the player slayer,


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