New Smoking Gun?

Here is a video of Christopher Nemelka speaking about the first time he defrauded people with his sealed portion. In his own words he admits he wrote the sealed portion himself, he did not translate it, and there were, of course, no gold plates whatsover.

Yet he convinced Ida Smith and the current followers of the sentence at the bottom.

Chris Nemelka monument

Was he really just running from his calling in 1995?  Or is he a sociopath, a convincing actor and a pathological liar with a lifetime pattern of criminal activity perpetrated against vulnerable believers?  How has he gotten away with this for so many years?   Because he has learned how to use his fiduciary power as “one like unto the son of man” and exert undue influence to accomplish his will, benefit himself and defraud people of burial spots, retirement money, and personal dignity – and he gets away with it all because he disguises it as religion.


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  1. The video where he admits to writing the sealed portion to decieve, Christopher claims he later says something about buying beach front property in Arizona but the film cut that out. Who filmed this by the way?

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