The purpose of this web site is to allow public scrutiny regarding a man with a checkered past. A man who claims he is the reincarnated Hyrum Smith and has translated the “Sealed Portion” of the Book of Mormon from ancient and authentic gold plates using the Urim and Thummim spoken of in the Old Testament and Book of Mormon. That he has a “Mandate” from God (or superior advanced beings from another galaxy) to complete the mission of the Mormon Prophet Joesph Smith. Such a claim, may not be unreasonable within the realm of Mormon culture depending on how one views the likelihood that Chris Nemelka is the “Second Prophet”.

Some people believe him, some make great sacrifices because they believe Nemelka’s story and desire to be part of his “work”. Because past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and because Chris Nemelka has quite a past, it is our opinion that he is a liar, fraud, and manipulative narcissist who has a long-standing pattern of preying upon people’s religious beliefs and their desire to help others – for his own selfish gain whether it be financially, ego aggrandizement, or control and unrighteous dominion over others it matters not!. We may be wrong. However, people sacrifice their time, talent, resources, family relationships, money, church membership and more because they believe Christopher’s declaration that his Sealed Portion is authentically translated from ancient gold plates, as he represents, giving it an age, antiquity, rarity, source, or authorship that, in our opinion, it does not have.

Therefore, we have exercised our right to anonymously share information that will enable people, before they make life-altering sacrifices, to see things in perspective and properly debate whether Christopher Nemelka is telling the truth. This site is about the man and his message. It is not about those whom he considers his enemies, which is anyone who disagrees with him. Showing a pattern of intimidation towards those who disagree with him we provide a forum for those who wish to remain anonymous to share their views. We find it amusing that remaining anonymous is so disturbing to Chris and his believers considering he is the master of false names and identities. So enough of the tirades about our remaining anonymous.

If you would like to participate in this discussion you are welcome to do so. Before posting please read the submission page of our site completely. Our purpose IS NOT to advertise THE ONLY TRUE MESSENGER OF GOD’S seminars, lectures, books, his beliefs OR “testimonials” about the efficacy of his word and works which are in our opinion worthless.

If one truly wishes to investigate Chris’ claims for himself, the sealed portion or his magnificent unworkable plan to eliminate poverty in the world and want to compare what they hear from Chris and his minions, then this is the place to come. The owners and operators of this site ARE NOT SKEPTICS… We are complete unbelievers in Chris and his message. We do know Chris and his “gig” well and we aren’t afraid to “tell it like it is”. Many among us have been damaged financially and emotionally by Chris’ brand of relio-science fiction, his lies and deceptions.

We provide a forum for people who feel “violated” by having been involved at one time or another with Chris and those who are looking for the “REAL” truth about Chris and how he operates before they get too deeply involved in his ‘work”. If you are already a “true believer” in Chris’ “work” you are welcome here but we will not accept general statements about how wonderful Chris is. If you want to make a serious point of belief do so but expect a well reasoned and pointed reply.

If you make an inane, obnoxious or profane comment don’t be surprised if one of our readers responds to your comment in kind. Serious questions about Chris and his claims will be answered by LEGION either here or privately if desired. Comments which use sarcasm, humor and parody to make a point are great. A lively debate is good.

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  1. Joseph Smith said reincarnation is a doctrine of the Devil. Also the Book of Mormon says this is the day of our salvation and the night of darkness follows. it says nothing about a second life and another chance to get it right.

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