Resolution of Domain Dispute

Within days after going live on, a domain name dispute was filed against LEGION by Christopher Nemelka with the National Arbitration Forum, the official ICANN arbiter in domain disputes. Chris argued through his attorney Rod Vessels LEGION was violating his “trademark” and engaging in commerce. The National Arbitration Forum’s decision was released today. They have decided in favor of LEGION, ruling it has not violated any trademarks nor engaged in prohibited commerce. The domain remains the property of LEGION.

We would like to thank Clarke Walton, Esq. and John Berryhill, Ph.D., Esq. for the many years of expertise which gave them the foundation to assist with this effort, along with hours spent specifically in behalf of LEGION in maintaining this web site. Although their work has been pro bono, we, and they, have still incurred debts in this defense, the least of which have been the fees for the ICANN arbitration board. We do not doubt that LEGION will yet have more legal and operational costs as time passes. A special thanks to our readers and contributors that have stood with LEGION in bringing the truth to the public. There can be no price placed on truth.

. (Clarke Walton, Esq.)

During Mr. Nemelka’s Ozeminar last month, Chris Hansen asked him why he was suing LEGION over the domain name. Nemelka gave one of his famous “it wasn’t me” answers. Rather than admitting it was his action, Nemelka said he told Vessels he could do as he wanted about the situation. Therefore, in Chris’ mind, it was Rodney who filed the domain dispute not him. I’m betting that Rodney hasn’t told Chris that any action an attorney takes on behalf of his client is the same as the client acting for himself. We can’t let this opportunity pass to remind Mr. Nemelka his specially altered DNA and enhanced intelligence as the true messenger is often woefully lacking; as is his ability to take responsibility for his own actions.

We certainly understand why Nemelka doesn’t want LEGION to own the domain We would suggest he ask the “brothers” and “Harvey The Rabbit” to take better care of him in the future and warn him when someone is planning something so nefarious as registering a domain name five years in advance. Oh well, one can’t have everything their own way can they Chris?

Coming soon Chris’ domain dispute complaint.

Coming soon LEGION’S answer to the complaint.

Coming soon the decision awarding the domain to LEGION.

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  1. WHAT?

    Do you mean to say that the only guy on this planet with any off-world counsel somehow managed to LOSE yet another legal battle?

    So what does that make now, 0 wins, 13 losses?

    It would make me nervous if all those losses could be attributed to all the “cheek turning” that the bearer of Christ does, but that is clearly NOT the case here. Nemelka is always the plaintiff, never the defendant. OUCH!

    I could have sworn that I read in the City Weekly that Christopher was “sueing” Chris Hansen to have this site taken down! Looks like little ‘ol Chris Hansen GOT’ER-DONE BABY!

    Maybe Christopher ought to resort to the yellow pages next time he needs some legal advice, and leave those highly enlightened immortal men to scrubbing toilets. All those mandates must have come from some “not very bright” and “not very prepared” planet in some “not too advanced” solar sytem, if they can’t even win a “domain dispute” case. And how come those who are overseeing Christopher’s work didn’t see Chris Hansen coming? Are they paying attention to the work? Or are they goofing off?

    Sheesh! I expected to discover some unimaginable legal technicality that Christopher’s legal team had the foresight to implement 13 years ago that would blow us out of the water, but nope!

    WE WIN!!

    (Note to self: Rubbing it in their face will land you in hell)

    EEEEE-HAAAAAAW!! rules the playground baby!

    Harry-on my wayward son,

    There’ll be peace when you are done!

    lay your weary head to rest…

    Don’t you cry no more!

    Da-da-da-daaa Da-da-da-daa Da-da-da-dadadda!

  2. Chris has ten days to file a “real” appeal lawsuit in US Federal District court. Veritas takes a more subdued approach and will just say I am pleased.

    We think it would be a waste of time for Chris et. al. to go through the hassle of a lawsuit as the NAF rulings are not generally overturned. Now that he has declared he is going to live the Gospel (according to Chris’ understanding) we do not expect he will.

    One must wonder how it was that LEGION acquired the domain name over five years ago? It was a miracle perhaps.

  3. I love it…..been working on the Library transcripts, talk about rolling around in the fertilizer again. Mercy. Its coming..


    • Can’t wait for you to have it done. I spent last night listening as long as I could…. Thanks!

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