Nemelka’s Former Attorney Escapes Him

Rooting for Rodney
This is our understanding for those of you who don’t know. Rod Vessels came from a Mormon background, was apparently a trusting soul, and also happened to be an attorney – which was quite a strategic catch for the litigious, always-dodging-the-law Mr. Nemelka. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nemelka pulled out every trick in the book to appear saintly, convince Rodney he was legitimate and keep the wool over Rodney’s eyes. Playing on Rodney’s deeply-held religious beliefs, Christopher Nemelka was able to deceive Mr. Vessels like he has so many others. It is our understanding that once Rodney believed Chris Nemelka’s professions of truth, Rodney agreed to put his career and personal reputation on the line, sacrifice his family, and work pro-bono for Nemelka’s purposes.

Sometime late last year when Rodney began questioning Nemelka’s inconsistencies, Nemelka wrote Rodney off, bolding stating on his blog that Rodney would have nothing more to do with his work. Soon thereafter Rodney apparently had a stroke, became mentally diminished to some degree (according to Nemelka’s blog). And wouldn’t you know it? Nemelka suddenly had renewed interest in Rodney’s welfare and tried aggressively to seize control of Rodney’s financial affairs.


After some drama, however, Nemelka succeeded, emerging as victor with the power of attorney over someone not only vulnerable, but someone who apparently had key knowledge about Nemelka’s activities. Rodney’s friend Joan was suspect of Nemelka’s fishy behavior and stumbled upon some disconcerting information while Rodney was in the hospital. She informed Rodney’s psychologist about her concerns.

Here is a clip from the psychologist’s report that Nemelka posted on his blog.

“he claims that he is the only true messenger and gets directions straight from God.”

“He (Nemelka) was apparently vehement about getting the power of attorney (over Rodney)”

“found 20-30 wills of some of the ‘followers’ who have signed over all of their money and assets to Christopher”

Nemelka as religious counselor.

Nemelka portrays himself as being the only one with the “real truth” which he represents comes straight from God through –

A) His fabricated Urim & Thummim that he claims is the rare, antique and original object used by the prophets throughout history
B) His conversations with John the Beloved from the Bible, or the “Three Nephites” from the Book of Mormon.

This direct line to higher powers positions Nemelka with religious superiority and control over all who believe him. He cannot be questioned. He gets his information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Furthermore, Nemelka puts forth that the scriptures he wrote (The Sealed Portion) were translated from the gold plates” in 5 just months in 2005 or 2006. Nemelka represents that the author of that book was not himself, but ancient prophets, and that his sealed portion is an authentic, historical document.

Communications Fraud

Criminal Simulation

Theft By Deception

We uncovered evidence in court documents that Nemelka actually began writing the sealed portion about 20 years ago. EVIDENCE OF CHRIS NEMELKA’S INTENTION TO DECEIVE IS HERE.

Download Nemelka’s Book written in 1993: I Was A Fantatic

(OPINION: this long-time pattern of fraudulent activity hidden under the cloak of religion is how Nemelka is able to make a living. But read it, decide for yourself.)

Once Nemelka used Rodney’s sincere religious beliefs to take control of him, he used his position of power to give strong counsel and directives (mandates) for Rodney’s life.

Is there any doubt that Nemelka was a religious counselor, or pastor, over Rodney? Not an ounce.

Incidentally, in Minnesota, such a relationship is considered a “special trust” relationship. As such, one might ask if Nemelka had a clear conflict in aggressively seeking to also gain the Power of Attorney over Rodney, and thereby taking control of his finances and his life. Maybe not.

NOTE TO RODNEY’S FAMILY: “The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that a church may be sued and held liable to a congregant arising from alleged wrongful conduct by its pastor when rendering secular counseling services. The Court rejected the church’s contention that the constitutional prohibition on state entanglement in religious affairs barred the lawsuit. Thus, the court allowed the plaintiff to proceed to trial on his civil claims for money damages.

Although the case involves claims against a church, its holdings certainly apply to any religious institution as well as clergy of all faiths.”

NOTE TO RODNEY’S FAMILY: “The Minnesota Supreme Court held that the trial court had subject matter jurisdiction over a claim for negligent marital counseling against a member of the clergy who was not a licensed mental health practitioner. The pastor of a local Seventh Day Adventist church met the statutory definition of an unlicensed mental health practitioner, and was not exempt from the statutory regulations simply because he was counseling his congregants and received no remuneration from the congregant. Applying the statute’s definition of an unlicensed mental health practitioner and the statutes’ standard of care to clergy would not impermissibly entangle the court in religion. Neither the First Amendment’s religion clauses or Article 1, § 16 of the Minnesota State Constitution would be violated by allowing an action for negligence by a parishioner to proceed against the pastor.”

Look up “Clergy Malpractice and Breach of Fiduciary Duty.”

Look up “Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult.

This is not to imply that Chris Nemelka has broken any laws. It is just a suggestion to study the laws and come to your own conclusion that Christopher is innocent of all wrong-doing.

Or not.

On November 30, 2011, Nemelka wrote on his blog:

If Rod were to announce to me today that he wants to go back to the LDS faith and reunite with his children and grandchildren, I would do everything in my power to accommodate him. I would introduce him to local LDS authorities, of which there are a plethora right next door to him, and drive him to church on Sunday. Hell, I’d even go pick him up afterwards. I would unconditionally accept him, never desert him…I would still hold his POA and accommodate anything he needed to attend his church and enjoy his family.

He could announce today that he now believes that I am the devil and that he is being deceived and that everything about this MWAW is untrue, and I would still treat him the same if he wanted me to have legal control over his life holding his POA.

Rod knows that under my protection and the protection of those who oversee this MWAW, he is safe and secure; that he has found peace, and that his free agency will be supported.

Yet by his own admission as Rodney’s fiduciary, Nemelka still:

1. Publicized Rodney’s confidential medical/psychological information.
2. Prohibited his worried children from communicating with him directly.
3. Publicized mean-spirited comments and insults about Rodney’s children online, portraying information as if Rodney wanted nothing further to do with them, which was FALSE.
4. Refused to honor the sensible requests of Rodney’s son-in-law Stephen and daughter to remove personal information from the Internet, even after being reminded of his duty as a fiduciary to honor the sensitivities of their father.
5. Refused to provide the name of Rodney’s doctor to the concerned adult children of Rodney Vessels.
6. Etc.

Back to Nov. 30, 2011

Oh yeah, I almost forgot … the money. 🙂

Well, folks, since coming to Utah, Rod has not received one penny from his employer or anyone else. His disability payments are pending, and we are working to continue them. And when and if they continue, Rod will make his own decisions as to what he does with his now limited income. And guess what? He doesn’t have to pay me or the MWAW a cent for his continued care. If he wants to, then it’s according to his desire, not mine.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we’ll be filing bankruptcy on his behalf because he has no means to pay back the enormous amount of debt that he has incurred over the past few years.

That’s interesting. What debt did Rodney incur while he working for Nemelka the past few years?

And yes, there will be some legal papers filed in the Tenth Judicial District Court of the State of Minnesota, County of Washington, (Court File No. 82-FA-10-131) that petitions said court to modify the divorce decree in the matter of spousal support, effectually terminating the support Rod’s wife receives from him.

OPINION: That’s so very Chris Nemelka to get a power-stab against Rod’s ex-wife in there while you have the chance. Your entire “Do Unto Others” platform is something Jesus followed, but you could never live. You seem to enjoy the opportunity to hurt as many people as you can with your words while you have a platform. You hurt your ex-wives, your children, your former followers who sacrificed years of their lives for your fraud. You published degrading words about your wife Sherri, her children, Julie’s children. Your words online hurt Rodney, Rodney’s ex-wife, Rodney’s children. You apparently wrote false things about your deceased uncle, refused to take them down when your cousin tried to defend his reputation. You wrote false and blasphemous things about your father and other family members. You exploited the death of your soldier nephew who died serving his country at Ft. Hood in to promote your personal causes AT HIS FUNERAL, then tried to blame it on others. You continued exploiting his death by making your own video which was so offensive, it is difficult to fathom how you could justify this. You revictimized a grieving family, extending their pain and anguish beyond description. You tried to blacken the reputation of David B. Haight, you slandered Harry Dschaak, wrote cruel and misogynistic things about Rodney’s friend Joan Duffy, and anyone else who dares to leave or stand up to your “work.” You are not a messenger of God. The truth is that you are a fraud, you are a sick man, a pathological liar and you have no conscience.

But we digress.

Back to the Nov. 30 blog. Nemelka wrote:

Rod will not be returning to work; he hasn’t the mental capacity to deal with continuing to be an attorney.
He is under the care of a local medical doctor and a psychologist, who just so happen to be LDS, but have no idea who the “devil” is that holds his POA; and if his family found out who the doctors were, they would be sure to inform them to watch out for the devil!

Responding to Rodney’s family member’s request to speak with Rodney’s doctor, Nemelka wrote.

Dear Stephen,
Your concern is noted and Rod will be advised accordingly.
However, I will not be sharing any information about his doctors or medical care with anyone who does not support Rod’s decision to have me oversee his convalescence.

That’s what cult leaders do. They stop all communication with the outside world so they can control their subjects. This sounds something Warren Jeffs would do.

Check out this exchange between Nemelka and Rodney’s son-in-law Stephen:

(STEPHEN WRITES) I was made aware that you have been posting Rod’s personal correspondence on a blog, including an email I sent to Rod and an email sent from my wife to Rod. This is in violation of internet privacy laws as you have posted my name and email address and that of my wife’s on a public website without our consent. Kindly remove all personal information from your blog (including but not limited to names, email addresses, and other personal information of myself and my family) immediately. Rod is a very respectful man concerning private matters such as these and he would never post private, sensitive correspondence on an internet blog to be viewed publicly. You indicate that as Rod’s POA you are acting as Rod would act. Kindly respect the sensitive nature of our communication with Rod and remove the private correspondence, personal contact information, and names of me and my family from your internet site immediately. Callie and I respect your standing as Rod’s POA and we ask that you respect our wishes to keep this information private.

Who would not honor such a respectful request? What harm would come from removing sensitive information about the family members of the person over whom you have power of attorney? Yet, Nemelka is so proud of his arrogant response that he published that on his personal blog too. Nemelka wrote:

I will be sharing each and every correspondence that I receive about Rod on my Daily Journal. I will not be removing anything. 🙂

On Nov. 30, Nemelka represented that he would never obstruct Rodney’s free will, that he would only look after his best interests.

In December and January, Nemelka controlled Rod’s every move and screened his communications.

On Feb. 10, he tried to stop Rodney Vessles from escaping and going home to his family.

Apparently Rod barely got away. Read Nemelka’s account for yourself right HERE.
He wrote – “Rodney Vessels, without my consent as his power of attorney, bought a ticket to fly back to Minnesota, releasing me of any legal authority over his life.”

“I called the airport authorities ahead of time to have them detain Rod until I could talk to him.

When I arrived, the security had detained Rod. I showed them the Power of Attorney, and after they had interviewed Rod, they could tell he wasn’t in his right mind. He was extremely disheveled, having not slept soundly for days. Rod asked the police to allow him to get on the flight and not let me stop him.”

Why was he disheveled and unable to sleep? Why did he leave on his own without alerting his religious counselor? Why did he not ask Christopher to drive him to the airport?

“Rod asked the police to allow him to get on the flight and not let me stop him.” ??????

It sounds like he was escaping, and that he begged police to let him go. You call that supporting his free agency?

Good luck to you Rodney Vessels, Joan Duffy, and all those who care about Rodney.

Rodney, you have not been a fool.

You have been the victim of a devastating manipulation.

You are not alone.


(Christine) produced a handwritten letter she said was written by Nemelka, and which Nemelka admitted to writing. “You have been quite spectacular and trustworthy in your timely payments to my Visa, which covers my child support,” the letter reads. “By using the Visa method, all transactions will be kept virtually out of my hands and name,” it continues. “So the world will have no cause against me if something happens to you, or if the media, which I am sure will one day be investigating, takes it upon itself to accuse me, as they did Joseph [Smith], of taking advantage of religious contributions for my own gain.”

Speaking of Nemelka’s child support case, if you have any evidence of how Nemelka survived or utilized money in the past few years, contact “Michelle Mickelson” at Certainly she would like to know.

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  1. It would be nice to hear something consoling from someone who might be in a position to tell Rodney’s side of the story, but there’s plenty of time for that later. We would rather have Rodney focus on other things until he heals, and leave us to sort through the disturbing rubble that is a common trademark of Chirstopher and his Marvelous Work.

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