Who is Christopher Marc Nemelka?

The Real “Testament” of Chris Nemelka

Chris, always the victim, in my opinion appears to feel no responsibility for a long trail of broken lives and mislead people that have fallen under his admittedly charismatic personality. It appears he must, like all claimants to special spiritual status, blame others for problems of his own making. It just can’t be otherwise. In search of the truth and clarity of that truth we sincerely ask: Who Is Christopher Marc Nemelka?

Writing of himself Chris Nemelka says:

“…Yet in all my experiences, I have never hurt another human soul. The depth of my compassion for my fellow human beings is hard to imagine when one considers the effect that others’ lies and behavior have had upon me. There are many who consider me their enemies, but I love them all and wish no ill upon them. I have lost wives, children, and all of my personal effects, and have been persecuted by those who once loved me. But in spite of all of these negative experiences in my life, I have yet to turn against another and harbor ill feelings toward him or her. In other words, my conscience is clean and pure before my God and my fellow human beings. There is no doubt that the future holds further persecutions and mistreatment by those who do not understand my mission and want to destroy me…”

“I have never hurt another human soul”?  Give us all a break Chris! This is quite a claim for any man to make! In making such a claim, I believe Christopher places himself squarely in competition with Jesus Christ with such an outrageous statement. It is also my opinion this is no secret to some people who know him. In one of Christopher’s previous web sites he shows himself in a Christ like pose complete with long hair, beard and robe in a disgusting piece of propaganda where he looked lovingly into the eyes of a child. He captioned it “…A Bearer of Christ—Christopher”.

There is no doubt, in my opinion, many people who know Chris Nemelka consider such a self serving statement nothing more than a lie of the darkest color. We need merely read his statement closely to see it can’t possibly be true. When Chris proudly announces he has lost “wives” and “children” by being persecuted, are we really expected to believe that no one (other than Chris) has been hurt in these broken relationships? Hardly! Consider the hurt and anguish of the women he has used up and abandoned, the children he does not support and the poor souls who having left their Church and families are left bereft of hope in the Divine.

I seriously doubt anyone wants to “destroy” Chris Nemelka personally but LEGION’S opinion is that there are those who have been financially used, emotionally abused, personally shamed and publicly humiliated by him and desire that others can avoid the same experience. Chris Nemelka (and no one else) has put himself in the public eye and under public scrutiny by claiming “special status” in bringing forth what he characterizes as “scripture” in presenting to the world the long awaited “Sealed Portion” of the Book of Mormon. Having made claims of visitations by super natural beings to him and scriptural interpretation by him with such vigor and treating many around him so shabbily, can Chris really be surprised that many consider him an imposter?

History shows that men claiming to be “special” and “persecuted” are indeed aided in their desires, whatever those desire may be, by making such claims. In seeking such status, Chris poises precariously in the middle of a “self fulfilling” prophecy where he can lament his persecution and victimization at the hands of his “enemies”. It is in his laments we find his motives; personal notoriety (fame) and control over others which he craves, not withstanding claims to the contrary.

The only emotion sweeter than being a true believer and holder of secret and ascended knowledge is being a true victim as the price for such knowledge. In their sure knowledge of truth, victims can self righteously strike out at their supposed enemies while claiming to be filled with the love of Christ and humbly telling all who will listen “see, I told you so, I am persecuted”!

In life we all must judge for ourselves. Our free agency and indeed personal salvation depends on our righteous judgments. The unbelievable story of Chris Nemelka’s life starts here. Judge well. Those who judge wrongly do so to their own detriment. As the real Christopher Marc Nemelka becomes recognizable through the efforts of LEGION, we ask all to remember this simple eternal truth; “by their fruits ye shall know them”.

What think you?

7 Comments on Who is Christopher Marc Nemelka?

  1. Again …

    Reveal yourself … who you are … and how I shall contact you directly … and we shall see who is telling the truth, and who will be accountable for defaming him.

    Rodney J. Vessels, Esq.
    431 South 7th St., Suite 2622
    Minneapolis, MN 55415

    • I was asked to look at this debate, I haven’t quite figured out who is whom or what the conflict is. I have been involved in the prosecution of Warren Jeffs in Arizona, Texas & Utah. So I have asked both Paul Murphy with Mark Shurtleff’s office and Associated Press who Christopher Nemelka is, I don’t buy he is Hyrum Smith reincarnated! What will I find with a Burrelle’s media serach? So someone has drawn attendion to themselves. My email is patches@as.net someone tell me what the debate is. I’m all ears!

  2. Mr. Vessels,

    What law school did you attend? Chris Nemelka is definitely a “public personality” and you are on real slippery ground threatening to sue LEGION (regardless of who LEGION is) for defamation. Truth is an absolute defense and as you SHOULD know, public personalities must meet a much higher standard than the “common man” in defamation lawsuits. I don’t think the standard you need is here.

    What is your interest in this debate? Are you Nemelka’s attorney of record that you can speak for him? Are you tasked by Nemelka to attempt to file more spurious lawsuits as is his pattern in an effort to stifle dissent? Is your intent to stop others from telling the truth as they understand it? Are you one of Nemelka’s acolytes who feels you must protect him? Is your personal world view threatened by the truth? WILL YOU ACCEPT SERVICE FOR CHRIS NEMELKA?

    If your threat to sue LEGEND was made on your own initiative and not as an attorney of record you certainly know you have no standing and have made a serious ethical error. Perhaps you would like to share WHO you are and WHAT your dog is in this fight.

    Remember, Chris loves all his enemies so if LEGION is considered to be an enemy, please love them and don’t disturb their exercise of free speech. To do so is unbecoming and as Christopher is a bearer of Christ it is absolutely hypocritical to bother them more…. Oh, I forgot Chris does as he pleases while the wise ones around him nod their heads in ascent and know how wonderful he is. Being a “True Believer” is so great!

    On second thought I repent from wasting your time and mine with this note.


  3. Invictus,

    Well done! Your note was most certainly not a waste of your time! For those of us enjoy vigorous and thoughtful debate you hit the mark. However I think it is waste of time for Vessels Esq. It’s way beyond his pay grade.

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